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LED Lights
Which Lezyne LED light should I buy?
If you are planning on doing SERIOUS night riding, we would recommend the Performance line of lights. For commuting and night riding, or if you want a little extra light on the road/trail, we'd suggest something from the commute line. And for basic safety ("be seen") lights, look at our Femto Drive in both Front and Rear varieties. Our Buyer's Guide at www.lezyne.com/buyers-guide will be able to help you out.
What's the difference between the lights?
In an attempt to simplify things, we put our lights into different categories based on exactly what type of riding you would be doing. "Performance" suggests serious night riding on the road and mountain, "Commute" suggests lower lumens while still being enough to see what is in front of you and go for long rides in the dark, and "Safety" suggests that you want the bare minimum in money and lumens.....you simply need to be noticed and not break the law.
Do I have to use your USB cable to charge my Lezyne light?
You do not "have" to use the Lezyne cable to charge the light, though we have specified our lights to charge in a very specific environment and using a non-Lezyne USB cable will void your warranty.
Can I charge just a Lezyne battery with a wall charger? Can I use an external battery charger to charge my extra batteries?
Lezyne has 4 models of lights that have removable batteries: Mini Drive XL, Power Drive XL, Super Drive XL, and Mega Drive. These batteries can be completely removed and installed on a wall charger for charging as well. Lezyne sells an "International Charging Kit" to work in a number of electrical situations. If you prefer this method of charging your batterie, you can charge Lezyne batteries this way.
What temperature can I use my LED light
You can use your LED in temperatures between what would be commonly referred to as "freezing cold" and "uncomfortably warm". If you want specifics, for charging your LEDs, they need to be in temperatures between 32 and 112F and for discharge they need to be between 68-140F.
Can I use my lights when it is really cold?
If you are riding in temperatures below freezing, you might consider not using Lezyne lights. If you want to be really smart about it, you might consider even staying inside your shelter with a warm cup of tea because going outside in that weather sounds like a bad idea.
Can I use my Lezyne LED as a handheld flashlight?
Using Lezyne lights as handheld flashlights is not recommended in any situation for the simple fact that you are moving at much slower speeds and not providing much (cooling) airflow to keep the LEDs at reasonable temperatures.
Do your LEDs have a race mode?
For 2013, Lezyne has introduced Race Mode onto the Mega Drive as well as the Mini/Power/Super Drive XL lights. This mode allows you to switch from Blast to Economy with the push of a button. Simply hold the Power button for 5 seconds while turning the light on and you will be in Race Mode until the light is turned off.
Can I use any USB wall outlet adapter to charge my Lezyne LED?
Lezyne recommends using Lezyne USB wall chargers for our lights, however, other wall chargers with USB plugs will also work.
Why should I use the Lezyne international USB charging kit to charge my Lezyne LEDs?
Lezyne develops its products as an all-inclusive package so that we can maximize performance in any given environment. If we build every component of our products, we have control over how we want each piece to act as part of the whole and using another company's product is not guaranteed to work in the same way.
What size batteries are used in Lezyne LEDs?
The Lezyne Mini Drive (XL) uses LIR 123A batteries, the Power Drive XL and Super Drive XL use LIR 18650 batteries, and the Mega Drive uses a proprietary 2-part battery pack. The Micro and Macro Drives also use LIR 18650 batteries, but they are NOT removable. The Femto Drive (front and rear) uses CR2032 batteries. All Lezyne batteries are available separately.
How many degrees of horizontal yaw does the mounting bracket have?
The mounting bracket has about 7 degrees of horizontal yaw to each side. This was designed to allow you to mount your LED in almost any position on your bike while still allowing you to focus your light in a central direction.
How long does it take to fully charge my light?
Charge time is dependent on what light you own, what type of USB charging port you use and whether or not your light supports 1 amp or 2 amp charging. You can find this information under the "Spec" tab on the product page of the light. Lights that use a 2 cell LIR battery (Mega/Deca) require 8-10 hours to charge via a 1 amp USB port or 6-8 hours with a 2 amp USB port. Lights that use a single cell LIR 18650 battery charge about 4 hours via a 1 amp USB port or 3 hours when using a 2 amp USB port. Lights that use a LIR 123A battery take about 2 hours with a 1 amp USB port and may not support a 2 amp USB recharging.
What is the life of a lithium ion battery? How many cycles will it take?
This is a question that most LED manufactureres receive and there is not a tried and true answer. Literally, the best answer that we can give for "How many cycles will a li-ion battery take?" is "Between 100 and 1000." There is SO much variance and so many factors that go into the light's use. For example, it depends on how often the light is used, how often the battery is charged and recharged, if it's charged off of a half full cycle or not, what temperatures the light is run in usually, and any other hundreds of cofactors. Short answer: 500 cycles until the battery reaches half capacity.
Will the battery get a "memory" if I recharge it too soon?
No this is a problem with NiCd rechargeable batteries. All of our batteries are lithium ion and do not have this issue.
Do you have to run the battery down until it is dead before recharging?
You don't have to run it to "dead" before recharging the LED, however, you should try and run the battery from fully charged to fully discharged with every cycle in order to ensure longer battery life.
Why should I use Lezyne branded batteries?
Lezyne batteries should be used with Lezyne lights for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we source our own batteries, which ensures HIGH quality pieces in every LED and batteries that run and last as claimed (numerous battery manufacturers greatly skew their battery runtimes, voltages, etc...) We also build and test all our lights to work as an all-inclusive package where each part of the product is specifically designed towork with another part of the product...changing parts can and will throw off the performance of our LEDs.
How do you test your LED lights?
We test all of our lights using a lab callibrated Integrating Sphere.
What is an integrated sphere?
An Integrating Sphere is an instrument with a highly reflective interior that reflects the light into a port to measure the lumen output of your light. The port connects to a fiberoptic cable which connects to a sensor to measure the lumen output. The sphere measures ALL of your light output rather than a lux meter that measures a certain point of the light, giving a more consistent and honest reading. You can also measure the lumen output overtime to see if the light has a constant lumen output or if it dims overtime. Learn more and watch us test our Micro Drive with this video.
Floor Pumps
What is the difference between the flip chuck and the speed chuck?
The Flip Chuck can be used on both Presta and Shrader valved and with ABS. The Flip Chuck is also a THREADED connection, so it threads onto the Presta and Shrader valve stems. The Speed Chuck can be used on Presta valves only and does not THREAD ON to the valve stem, as the Flip Chuck does.
What is the difference between the speed chuck and the slip chuck?
Quite simply, the difference between the Speed Chuck and the Slip Chuck is material. Our Speed Chuck is made of a Composite Matrix plastic and comes with all of our floor pumps. The Slip Chuck is all CNC-Machined aluminum and is what might be called an "upgrade" for those people desiring the perfect look with their floor pump or the long-lasting durability of aluminum.
Do you sell extra o-rings for the speed chuck and slip chuck?
The Slip Chuck comes with 6 extra o-rings as standard. These should keep your Slip Chuck functions for many cycles of use. The Speed Chuck, which comes standard with all Flip Thread Chuck equipped pumps, does not come with extra o-rings. However, extra o-rings are included in the Tackle Box, which your local Lezyne Pro Shop should have on hand, and can be purchased accordingly. If you still have trouble finding replacement o-rings, please contact Lezyne for further assistance.
Why do Lezyne pumps thread onto a valve?
Lezyne designed all of their pumps with a "thread-on" connection in order to ensure a proper seal between our Flex-Hose and the valve stem itself. This is done to ensure accurate pressure readings and proper tire inflation. We also designed this for ease-of-use. When out on the road or on the trail, didn't want you to worry about the head connection failing/slipping. We all know that this can be rather frustrating and we decided to save you the hassle from the get-go.
Are your pumps rebuildable?
Our pumps can be serviced and rebuilt, however, attempting to do so on your own terms may void the warranty if any issues should further arise. It is recommended that you simply send your pump back to us if you're having issues with it. It will be fixed well and returned very quickly. However, if you're very mechanically inclined and up to the challenge, we do sell pump rebuild kits and you're welcome to have a go at it. Lastly, our pumps are build so well that we RARELY have to rebuild a pump. If you wear out one of our pumps, my hats off to you.
What is ABS?
"ABS" stands for "Air Bleed System". This is a system that Lezyne developed last year into their product line. We had heard some feedback that our Thread-On connection sometimes removed the valve stems from the tubes. In order to fight this, we developed "ABS", which is a feature designed to release all of the air pressure out of the pump's system in order to make removal of the pump from the tube easier.
Will the ABS flip chuck work on my older pump?
All of our new ABS Flip Chucks thread into the exact same style of connection as the older Thread Chucks. This means that if you buy an ABS Flip Chuck, installing it onto your "older" pump will be a piece of cake.
My gauge is broken, can I replace it?
A broken gauge can be fixed on your floor pump. After obtaining all of the necessary parts to fix the gauge, you can go to Lezyne.dozuki.com and find the proper Guide to help you through the steps necessary to replace your gauge. It is not an extremely complicated process, but if you do not feel like doing this on your own, in most cases, it will be covered by warranty.
Do Lezyne floor pumps work with valve extenders?
Lezyne's floor pumps do work with valve extenders. This also goes for all of our hand pumps. So whichever pump you might be running, all of our pumps will work with any valve extender that you want to run with.
Can I replace my hose?
You can purchase and replace the hose on your floor pump. It is a relatively easy fix that is recommended if your hose is what might be called "beyond its years". Because the hose contains up to 220psi, having a good hose installed is crucial.
Will Lezyne pumps work with removeable valve cores?
Some users have experienced issues with valve cores unthreading upon pump removal. There are a few reasons why this might happen and there is more than one solution.
My Lezyne pump keeps removing my valve cores, how do I make it stop?
Lezyne has a few solutions for you. Many inner tube manufacturers do not sufficiently tighten valve cores upon assembly. First check that your valve cores are properly tightened. Do not overtighten the pump onto the valve. This could result in the pump being more strongly connected to the valve core than the valve core is to the rest of the valve. Lezyne has made the Slip Chuck for a while. It has a slip-fit connection which should not interfere with valve cores. All of the newer pumps are equipped with ABS (Air Bleed System). For Presta valve users, depressing this button releases all of the air pressure in the hose, but not in the tire. Releasing all the hose pressure reduces the friction in the system for easy pump removal. All of the new ABS equipped floor pumps also come standard with the new Speed Chuck which is similar to the Slip Chuck, except that it attaches to the Flip Thread Chuck instead of directly to the pump hose.
Do your pumps work with disc wheels?
In conjunction with our Floor Pumps, the Speed Chuck utilizes a 90 degree bend in its design so that it can fit in disc wheels.
What is the difference between the gold and the red ABS flip chucks?
The Gold ABS Chuck is designed for our HP Floor Drives while the Red ABS Flip Chuck, being designed in higher volume applications, needed to use different parts to use the higher volume air flow.
Can I user my dirt floor drive to inflate the tubes on my road bike?
Your Dirt Floor Drive will inflate your road bike tires/tubes, however, not only will the Gauge NOT go past a 70 PSI reading, doing so might break your gauge.
Why do you offer HP and HV floor pumps?
Lezyne offers both an HP and HV version of every pump for both ROAD and MOUNTAIN BIKE applications. "HP" stands for "High Pressure". Road bike tires are thin, low volume, and require higher pressures to run well (anywhere between 90 and 160 PSI). Our HP pumps are designed to make it easier to pump up road bike tires to those pressures by using smaller pump barrels. "HV" stands for "High Volume". Most mountain bike tires these days are run between 2.0" and 3.0" wide. Requiring so much air to fill up these tires, we developed our HV pumps with bigger pump barrels to push more air into the tires, making inflation of mountain bike tires faster and easier.
Which floor pump can I use to inflate both my road and mountain bike tubes?
If you had to choose one pump, I would suggest going with one from the high pressure lineup. You may not be able to read lower pressures as accurately as with a high volume pump, but it can inflate both tire types up to proper riding pressure.
What is the difference between the floor pumps?
Without going into detail, most of the differences are in materials and features. Generally the higher-end pumps are made with more aluminum. The gauges on the higher-end pumps typically go up to higher pressures as well. Aesthetics is the other difference.
Do you have an adapter to connect your flip thread chuck to an air compressor?
We do not have any adaptors for air compressors. Our Dirt Floor Drive are so effective in High Volume applications that they eliminate the need for air compressors (to seat tubeless tires) completely.
What type of lube do I use on my Lezyne pump?
For floor pumps any kind of thick petroleum based grease will work. DON'T USE LIQUID OILS. Be sure not to over-grease the pump, it only needs enough to coat the surfaces, not so much that it makes the o-ring stuck on the piston. Take care not to get any grease into the one way valve at the bottom of the barrel, it can cause the pump to leak back through the barrel under pressure. For hand pumps a silicone grease is best, but a thick petroleum based grease could be used as a substitute. Same rules apply; don't over grease and don't get any grease in the one-way valve.
Hand Pumps
What is the difference between HV and HP?
The main difference between HP (High Pressure) and HV (High Volume) hand pumps is the barrel diameter. The HP hand pumps have a smaller barrel diameter that pushes less air volume than the HV pumps, but allows you to achieve a higher pressure. Typically you want a HP hand pump for "high pressure" tires. This mostly means skinny tires, but some people have big wide tires that need high pressure. As you probably guessed, HV pumps work better on "high volume" tires that require lower pressures (mostly mountain bikes). HP pumps will inflate large tires and vice versa: HV pumps will inflate tires to high pressure. The reason there are two is that HP pumps will require a lot more strokes (and time) to inflate high volume tires and HV pumps will require a lot more strength to inflate tires to high pressure.
Which hand pump should I buy?
That's a good question. It's difficult to answer for a number of reasons. My question to you would be "what type of bike will you be using this on?" To have one-on-one help picking out the right pump, you should go to your local Lezyne dealer. Since you are already on the internet, I would suggest first checking out the Lezyne Buyer's Guide.
Can my HV pump work on my road bike?
A high volume pump will "work" on your road bike. The issue with using a high volume pump on a high pressure tire is that most people aren't strong enough to get the tire up to a proper riding pressure. In a pinch most people could probably get it up to a high enough pressure to carefully ride home, but be warned, riding on an improperly inflated tire is not safe and could result in something terrible happening to the bike or the rider. I have heard of someone using a Micro Floor Drive HV to pump air into a suspension fork on the trail. It isn't designed for that, but I guess it worked well enough to ride home.
Can my HP pump work on my mountain bike?
A high pressure pump will certainly work on your mountain bike, provided that the pump in question is compatible with the valves used on your mountain bike. Most mountain bikes have high volume tires. The main reason we do not recommend the use of high pressure pumps on high volume tires is that it will take longer to get the tires up to riding pressure.
Can the pen gauge work on the small Lezyne pumps?
The Pen Gauge can work on Small Lezyne pumps, however it will not store inside of the handle as the normal Flex Hoses do.
Why doesn't the pen gauge come with an ABS chuck?
Unfortunately there currently isn't a way to incorporate an ABS chuck onto the pen gauge in a way that will still fit inside a hand pump. The ABS chuck is compatible with the Pen Gauge, you just can't hide it in the pump.
How many strokes does it take to inflate a tire?
I won't pretend to know how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop. I honestly don't know. Most bike shops should let you try out a pump before you buy it. It's a silly measurement anyway since the fewer pump strokes required to inflate your tires, the more difficult each stroke will be. For various reasons, it is impossible for me to tell you how many pump strokes it will take to inflate your tires. One of those reasons is the huge amount of error I will have. For your amusement I will list a few of the others: Tire size, Tire volume, Rim width, Inner tube thickness, Desired pressure, Pump size, Pumping technique, Pumping speed, The weather, Your current elevation
Can the road drive really reach a max pressure of 160PSI?
The pump will go as high as it's rated, you just have to be strong enough to get it there. If you absolutely need your tire to be at 160psi (11 bar) I suggest using a CNC Floor Drive. Remember, hand pumps are primarily for getting you enough pressure to get you home.
What is the actual rated pressure for your pumps?
The short answer is no. The claimed pressure is the same as the "actual" pressure. The long answer is that it depends. The rated pressure is what the pump is known to be capable of. The actual pressure is what the user is capable of. If you weigh 90 pounds, you probably won't be able to use a HAND PUMP to get a tire up to 90 psi. I just don't think you would have the strength. Lezyne pumps will get you up to riding pressure. What that pressure is depends more on how strong you are.
What is the difference between the road drive and pressure drive pumps?
Barrel Diameter: The main difference between the Road Drive and Pressure Drive hand pumps is the diameter of the barrels. The Road Drive barrel has a slightly smaller diameter which makes getting up to higher pressures a bit easier on the arms. Flex Hose: It should also be noted that the Flex Hose that comes with the Road Drive is only compatible with Presta valves while the Pressure Drive is compatible with both Presta and Schrader type valves. The newer ABS Flex Hose that comes with the Road drive has both threaded and a slip-fit Presta valve connections. Mounting Bracket: While both pumps come with brackets for mounting to bottle cage bolts, only the Road Drive comes with an aluminum one. The pump bracket for the Road Drive is only designed to hold the barrel of the pump, so the pump also comes with a barrel sleeve to keep the pump closed when not in use. The mount for the Pressure Drive is made from Composite Matrix and is designed to hold the handle and the barrel of the pump. Sizing: The Road Drive is available in Medium and Large sizes while the Pressure Drive is available in Small and Medium sizes.Colors: Both the Road Drive and the Pressure Drive are made out of aluminum, however they are available in different colors. The Road Drive is available in Black and Silver anodize colors and in a White powder coat finish. The Pressure Drive is available in Black, Red, Gold, and Blue (Blue unavailable in U.S.) anodize colors.
What is the difference between the ABS flex hose and the ABS speed flex hose?
The ABS Flex Hose has a threaded connection on both sides. One side of it is designed for Presta valves and the other side is developed for Shrader valves. The ABS Speed Flex hose comes on the Road Drive and Carbon Road Drive hand pumps only and is designed for use with Presta valves only. One side of the hose is a NON-THREADED connection for speed and ease of inflation, while the other side is a threaded Presta connection.
Will the ABS flex hose work with my older Lezyne pump?
Our new ABS Flex Hose, though it does come with the new ABS feature, threads in and out of hand pumps the exact same way that it used to. No change in size or shape has been made to our hoses. The short answer is: YES. P.S. ABS Flex Hoses are available separately for purchase if you're looking to upgrade your older hand pump.
Do your hand pumps work on valve extenders?
Lezyne hand pumps utilize a threaded connection in which the Flex Hose threads directly onto the valve. If your valve extenders have threaded tips which accept a standard plastic dust cap, then your Lezyne pump will work with your extenders. If your valve extenders are smooth and do not have a threaded tip, there are 2 options which you can choose from: Buy Lezyne Valve Extenders which have threaded tips compatible with Lezyne's threaded Flex Hose. Upgrade your pump with Lezyne's ABS Speed Flex Hose which has both a Presta threaded connection and a Presta Slip-Fit connection. The ABS Speed Flex Hose comes standard on both the Carbon Road Drive and Road Drive hand pumps, and may be purchased as an upgrade separately.
What is the difference between the hand pumps?
The major distinguisher between every hand pump in our line is materials used. To set a dramatic example, I will explain the major difference between our Carbon Road Drive (100 dollar) and our Classic Drive HV light (22 dollar). Our Carbon Road Drive is made of: Full carbon barrel (for weight) CNC endcaps and internal parts (for strength, weight, and durability) Our Classic HV Light is made of: Aluminum shaft and piston (durability), Composite matrix handle, endcaps, and head. Some things to consider when purchasing a hand pump are: What bike will you be using this on (road or mountain bike)? How often will you be riding/using your pump? What types of conditions will you be riding in? The best thing that you can do in looking for a pump is visit our Buyer's Guide
What is the difference between the two shock pumps?
Our Shock Drive is designed for those mountain bike riders who like to take a shock pump with them on their rides in order to fine tune and adjust their suspension on the fly. Our Shop Shock Drive is designed to be a "shop" tool. Although it will not be traveling very much and weight isn't an issue, it is built to outlast the everlasting abuse of bike mechanics on their tools. The oil-filled gauge ensures accuracy of pressure and gauge protection too.
Why does the shop shock drive have an oil filled gauge?
The Shop Shock Drive was designed to endure the rigors of everyday life in a bike shop. The gauge is filled with oil to protect it from damage while moving around in your tool box. Besides, it looks cool!
What is your lightest hand pump?
Our lightest pump is the Carbon Pressure Drive, and it weighs in at 62g. The next closest pump is the Carbon Road Drive 2 at 89g.
What is your smallest hand pump?
Lezyne's smallest hand pumps capable of inflating tires come in the Small size. These pumps measure about 7.5in/19cm in length. Although the Shock Drive is the smallest pump that Lezyne makes, it is not capable of inflating a tire. It is designed to only inflate shocks. Lezyne offers both HP and HV pumps in the Small size. High-Volume Pumps (mountain): Carbon Drive S, Alloy Drive S, Tech Drive HV S, HV Drive S. High-Pressure Pumps (road): Pressure Carbon Drive S, Pressure Drive S, Tech Drive HP S, HP Drive S.
Do you make a frame pump?
While we often receive requests to make an older, more traditional style "frame pump", it is extremely difficult to make a pump that meets Lezyne quality and performance standards while at the same time fits the wide variety of complex frame geometries and tube shapes of modern bike frames. Therefore, we attach our pumps with a mount that uses water bottle cage bolts since almost all frames accept water bottle cages.
Can I rebuild and service my hand pump?
Our Hand Pumps are built using very few parts, so rebuilding them is quite simple and easy, though can certainly be messed up. If you are experienced with rebuilding things or mechanically inclined, feel free to rebuild our pumps. We do sell rebuild kits and spare parts for pumps if they are necessary. If you want it rebuilt for you, send it in as a warranty.
Why do Lezyne pumps thread onto a valve?
Lezyne designed almost all of our pumps with a threaded connection because it is the most effective way to ensure that all of the air that you pump actually goes into the tire, that you don't break valves off of tubes with "smart heads", and that pumping tires up is no longer a "hassle" or "hard to do".
With the speed flex hose, what does "reversible presta only" mean?
"Reversible Presta-only" means that BOTH sides of the hose are Presta-only compatible. Both sides of the hose are ABS (Air Bleed System) equipped, however, the difference between sides is that one side is a Slip-Fit system that slides straight onto the valve, while the other side is a Thread-On connection.
CO2 Inflators
Why do Lezyne CO2 inflators thread onto the valve?
CO2 inflators, because they work with such high pressure canisters, are most efficient when the head is actually threaded onto the valve. Often, with non-threaded connection, some of the CO2 that is meant for the tire ends up leaking out past the valve itself.
Why does the CO2 Flex Hose not have ABS?
Our ABS system cannot withstand the extremely high pressure contained within our CO2 canisters and CO2 Flex Hoses.
Can I use the CO2 Flex Hose with other Lezyne hand pumps?
You can use the CO2 Flex Hose with other Lezyne hand pumps.
What is CFH?
"CFH" stands for "CO2 Flex Hose", meaning that all of our CFH applications have a CO2 Flex Hose in them. The designation of "Road", "Pressure", or "Alloy" denotes volume, where Road Drive CFH is meant for Road applications, Pressure Drive CFH can be used on both Road and Mountain bikes, and Alloy Drive CFH is meant specifically for Mountain bikes.
What are the differences between the three CFH pumps?
The designation of "Road", "Pressure", or "Alloy" denotes volume, where Road Drive CFH is meant for Road applications, Pressure Drive CFH can be used on both Road and Mountain bikes, and Alloy Drive CFH is meant specifically for Mountain bikes.
Can I use 25G CO2 cartridges with my CFH pump?
You can use either 16g or 25g cartridges in any CFH application. It simply depends on what tires that you plan on inflating with them (road vs. mountain). 25g cartridges fill higher volume tires and 16g cartridges are meant for lower volume applications.
Why should I use Lezyne CO2 cartridges?
If you have a Lezyne inflator/head, you MUST use a Lezyne cartridge with it because our heads require THREADED applications/canisters. We designed our systems this way with safety in mind as well as efficiency.
Can I use threadless CO2 cartridges with your Lezyne CO2 inflators?
The short answer is "No."
Why does alloy drive CO2 have a canister body?
The Alloy Drive CO2 has a canister body in order to safely store your cartridge when it's not being used and also to help keep your hands warm while inflating tires with your CO2.
Does the ABS Speed Flex Hose (from the carbon Road Drive and Road Drive) work with disc wheels?
The Speed Flex Hose DOES NOT work with disc wheels. This hose does not have a 90 degree bend in it that would allow it to work on disc/full race wheels. Our Micro Floor Drive HP/HPG with a Speed or Slip Chuck on it would solve the problem though...
Bottle Cages
Why do some of your bottle cages have an integrated pump mount?
In designing cages, we wanted to design something for everybody. Some cyclists prefer mounting there pump straight onto their bike next to their water bottles….it's quick, accessible, and integrated into your bike. Others prefer running with their pumps in their jersey pockets or pack and instead want a water bottle cage that serves as a water bottle cage and nothing else.
Do you offer a cage without an integrated pump mount?
In designing cages, we wanted to design something for everybody. Some cyclists prefer mounting there pump straight onto their bike next to their water bottles...it's quick, accessible, and integrated into your bike. Others prefer running with their pumps in their jersey pockets or pack and instead want a water bottle cage that serves as a water bottle cage and nothing else.
Do your bottle cages work with different brands of bottles?
We designed our cages to fit a large variety of bottles. We cannot guarantee that every bottle will fit PERFECTLY, but every bottle will certainly fit into our bottle cages and will work well. Because there are a number of different bottle shapes and sizes, we just do our best to design for a happy middle ground on all of them.
Do your bottle cages work on small frames?
For 2013, Lezyne introduced the Side Load variety of cages, which includes both Carbon and Nylon versions (in both Left and Right loading options). The good thing about this cage is that it's designed specifically to work on extremely small, modern, compact geometry framesets.
Will your bottle cages scratch my bottles?
Any water bottle in ANY bottle cage will scratch over time and with excessive use. Anybody who says otherwise is lying to you.
Does Lezyne make a side-loading bottle cage?
We just introduced a Side Load Cage for 2013 in both Carbon and non-Carbon varieties.
What is the difference between the stainless and CRV tools?
The only difference between the Stainless and CRV tools is the side plates and hardware material. The stainless tool uses stainless steel tool bits and side plates, while the CRV tool uses Chrome Vanadium tools and side plates.
What is the difference between the SV and V tools?
The SV tools use stainless tool bits and side plates, while the V tools use Chrom Vanadium tool bits and side plates.
What is your smallest multi-tool?
Our smallest and lightest multi-tool is the Carbon 4. The tool bits are machined Titanium and extremely small, yet rigid and strong.
What tool would you recommend for a roadie?
The best resource to help a road cyclist decide on a tool is our Buyer's Guide. However, the most well-equipped, versatile, and long-lasting tool that I can recommend is our SV10 tool.
What tool would you recommend for a mountain biker?
The best resource to help a mountain biker decide on a tool is our Buyer's Guide at www.lezyne.com/buyers-guide. However, the most well-equipped, versatile, and long-lasting tool that I can recommend is our SV10 tool.
Why do you have L-bend allens on your tools?
L-bend allens make some awkward and hard-to-get-to allen bolts easier to reach and work on. They also give you much more torque if necessary.
Shop Tools
Do you make a cassette tool for Campagnolo?
Lezyne does not make a cassette tool for Campagnolo drivetrain parts. The only Campy-compatible tool that we make is our 11 Speed Campagnolo chainbreaker.
Can you use your chain whip tools on 11SPD cassettes?
Our Chain tools cannot be used on 11 speed cassettes.
Can I put a single speed chain on your chain whips?
With enough elbow grease and determination, you can make almost any number of things work together. My suggestion is: go for it. However, don't point any fingers my way when we say that it voided the warranty.
Will the CNC rod work with my non-Lezyne cassette and bottom bracket tools?
Our CNC Rod was designed specifically to be used in conjunction with our 2-Way tools. No other manufacturers tools will work with our CNC Rod.
Are the bits on the 3-Way Y-Wrenches interchangeable?
The bits on our 3-Way Tools are designed and sized sepcifically for each individual tool bit, so the answer is "No."
Can I replace the 3-Way bits with any hex key?
The bits on our 3-Way Tools are designed and sized sepcifically for each individual tool bit, so the answer is "No."
Tire Repair
What is the difference between glue and pressure-sensitive patches?
Our glueless patches are simply pressure sensitive patches that you peel and place on the tube where a hole is present. They are quick and easy fixes for on the fly repairs. Our Classic Kit still uses glue to adhere the patches to the tube, creating a more permanent bond with the tube. In short though, it is simply a matter of preference and both types of patches will solve your problems.
Is the lever kit waterproof?
The Lever Kit is what we call weather-resistant. It will without a doubt keep water out of your tire repair goodies.
Can your glueless patches work on high-pressure road tubes?
Our glueless patches work very well even on high pressure applications, such as 23C road tires.
Will your tire boots patch a tubeless tire?
Lezyne tire boots will patch a tubeless tire in an emergency. It will hold long enough to get you off the mountain or road, but should be taken out and the whole tire should immediately be replaced.
What is the difference between the Alloy Kit and the Metal Kit?
The Alloy Kit comes in a polished and machined case, while the Metal Kit comes in a bead blasted case with color options.
Can I use my Saber Lever to remove my pedals?
You can use your Saber Lever to remove pedals, however, it should be done with caution because slipping your hand while attempting to remove pedals can hurt really bad.
Is it safe to use the alloy levers on my carbon clincher wheels?
It is safe, but NOT recommended. Metal should NEVER be used on carbon wheels. We developed the Power and Matrix Levers for carbon wheels and applications where scratching needs to be avoided.
What is the difference between Power Levers and the Matric Levers?
Power Levers were designed to give you extra torque on wire beaded tires. They were also designed with integrated spoke hooks that allow you to hook the lever onto a spoke, freeing up both of your hands completely. The Matrix Levers are designed strictly as a tire removal tool with no extras.
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