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Smart airheads.
Our advanced CO2 instant inflation systems are elegantly constructed from aluminum and engineered for simplicity and quality. Equipped with brass and stainless steel hardware, each system is built for superior performance and excellent durability. Our CO2 line offers innovative designs for riders of all types. Racers can take advantage of our press-on heads for quicker engagement, while pump-hating professional group riders can use the more secure threaded versions. Harness the power of compressed carbon dioxide with our state-of-the-art systems and enjoy more time on the bike.
Lezyne Control Drive - The Ultimate CO2 Inflator
Lezyne Control Drive - The Ultimate CO2 Inflator
Hand Pump Features
With the popularity of fat bikes and higher volume tires continuing to grow we now offer many of our CO2 systems with a larger 25 gram cartridge. This bigger cartridge will quickly fill high volume setups during trailside repairs, providing more time to bound across the singletrack.
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