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The next generation is here: Lezyne GPS
The digital age has our lives connected through the internet and smartphones. Everyone is "plugged in” whether it’s for business or pleasure, and the need to be connected is now a way of life. In cycling, computers are also evolving. One unit can now display its user’s power output, speed, distance, heart rate, etc. through GPS and wireless technologies. It’s an essential tool for nearly all cyclists. At Lezyne, we wanted to combine these, so we developed computers that can pair with smartphones and all the important training devices. It’s the next generation of the cycling computer: Lezyne GPS.
Lezyne GPS World Premiere
Lezyne GPS World Premiere
LED Features
The elegant Mini GPS is compact, powerful and ideal for the cycling minimalist. The Power GPS is a robust cycling computer that will pair with Bluetooth Smart devices including power and heart rate. It can also connect to the Lezyne Ally app on Bluetooth Smart iOS and Android smartphones allowing for on-the-fly email, text and phone call notifications. The Super GPS is truly a super computer. It can simultaneously connect with ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Smart accessories for a complete cycling computer experience. Stay updated with phone notifications, record essential training data and analyze everything on our GPS Root website.

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