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For the 2017/18 Season, Garneau - Easton Cycling and Renewed Cyclocross are joining forces! Last year, both Renewed Cyclocross and Garneau - Easton existed as separate entities, but after realizing the values we shared, we’ve merged! With faster riders, a larger fan base, and shared resources, we are ready to take the new step towards achieving our goal of becoming the top cyclocross team in North America.

UCI Team Roster:
Michael van den Ham – Canada
Craig Richey – Canada
Dylan Postier – USA
Gunnar Holmgren – Canada
Erica Zaveta – USA
Natasha Elliot – Canada

DEVO Team Roster: 
Anya Malarski - USA
Emily Unterberger - Canada
Tyler Cloutier - USA
Erica Leonard - Canada
Dana Gilligan - Canada
Issac Niles - Canada
Conor Martin - Canada
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