Zecto Drive (Rear)
A low profile rear safety light with three ultra bright LEDs.
Zecto Drive (Rear) $34.99

Also available in pairs:

Zecto Drive Pair $64.99
Low profile, high visibility light with three ultra bright LEDs. Up to 80 lumens and six output options, including a super-visible Daytime Flash mode. Lightweight and durable composite matrix body with machine aluminum faceplate. Intelligent Power Indicator displays battery life and provides side visibility. Convenient Micro-USB rechargeable design. Patented versatile 2-in-1 Clip-On System straps to bars or clips to loops. Available in pairs.

Note: This light is not being distributed within the German market.
Lezyne Zecto Drive - Powerful and Compact LED Light
(in Economy mode)


purplesilver/high polishblueblack/high polishred/high polish

Zecto Drive Rear Chart

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Bikes Etc Lights Of The Year - Zecto Drive Set

01.17.2014 - Road.cc Reviews the Zecto Drive Rear

"The Zecto Drive Rear light from Lezyne is an absolute little gem. It’s neat, bright, and clips easily to your bike, helmet or backpack. It’s also rechargeable, waterproof and fairly priced."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Check out the full article here and see what all the hubbub is about with the Zecto Drive Rear.

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12.03.2013 - Cyclist NO.1 Reviews Lezyne Zecto Drive

Cyclist No.1 recently reviewed our Zecto Drive LED lights and liked what they saw. So much that they gave us a 4-out-of-5 star verdict.

"Quality set of 'be seen' lights with ingenious mounting system. Good balance of price, performance and quality with style to boot." Get a look at the full article here to get a look at what else they thought.

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10.21.2013 - Bicilive.it Visits Lezyne at Expobici

Italian website Bicilive.it visited Lezyne at Expobici and wrote a very flattering review of our Zecto Drive, Zecto Pro, and CNC Digital Floor Drive. If you speak Italian or would like to visit the website for the full review with pictures, you can check it out here.

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10.03.2013 - Lezyne Gets Big Praise from Women's Cycling Magazine

Lezyne LED lights got some big recognition from Women's Cycling magazine in the UK, naming our Macro Drive Front the 'Best Road Light,' our Femto Drive the 'Best Emergency Light,' and our Micro Drive Rear the 'Best Rear Light.' Not to mention a good review of our Zecto Drive LED Pair. 

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09.30.2013 - Urban Velo Takes a Look at the Zecto and Femto Drive

"Lezyne is celebrating their seventh year in production and continues to introduce products with their signature design. The latest in lights is the above pictured Zecto Drive Pro (left) and Zecto Drive."

Read the full article here.

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09.22.2013 - SOC13: Lezyne's New Digital Floor Pumps for Shocks, Tools and Cool Blinky Lights.

Lezyne's new digital floor pumps are available in standard high volume pump in Sport, CNC, Alloy and Steel Digital pumps. At the moment, they're all high pressure (read: road tire) models, plus one for shocks.

Yes, a floor pump for suspension. It's not the first time someone's done it. It pumps 1/3 the air of a standard floor pump and goes to 300psi. Really, it’s aimed at team mechanics and others that have to set up a lot of forks and shocks. There’s wood handle and the pump head has a dual disconnect that lets you remove the head from the hose to disconnect without losing air pressure. Then you thread the head off the shock. An inline pressure release valve lets you bleed air a little at a time to set it just right. Retail is $109.99.

The full article/review is located HERE

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05.17.2013 - Gallery: Lights and digital pumps from Lezyne

The full article/review is located HERE.

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