Laser Drive
A safety light that beams two safety laser strips to the ground.
Compact, high visibility safety light with four ultra bright LEDs. Laser-mode beams two safety strips on the ground. Light and durable co-molded lens/body construction. Waterproof. Unique aero and round post compatible design. Provides up to 250 lumens and multiple output/flash modes. Extended lens for 180 degrees of visibility. Convenient Micro-USB rechargeable design.

Note: This light is not being distributed within the German market.

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10.27.2017 - Lezyne Laser Drive rear light - Cycling Weekly

"If you're looking for a rear light to give ultimate visibility, the Lezyne Laser Drive is a good contender. It's got a massive peak output, lots of mode options and shines laser guides onto the road surface to increase visibility and encourage passing at a safe distance."

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10.10.2017 - Lezyne Laser Drive first night ride review - Bikeradar

"Lezyne's new Laser Drive is a quality tail light with variable flash/steady settings, a strap that works for any seatpost and a good run time. But the headline feature is the two parallel laser lines that are projected on the ground on either side of the rider…Even with multiple 600- and 800-lumen headlights on right behind, the laser lines are easy to see."

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10.02.2017 - INTERBIKE 2017: Round 3 Gear! - PEZ Cycling News

"The thing is so facking bright on the highest setting that you might not even notice the main feature giving it its name…The normal settings will get you noticed as this has a fairly large body and lens. It puts out quite a big light picture (inclusive of a bit of side visibility as the lens wraps around a little). The “Day Flash” mode will (and this is first-hand experience) have your early morning ride mate scream ‘dude turn that f*ing thing off, I think I scorched my retinas.' The USB charge port is great… It's one of the few I've seen that looks like someone thought for more than 2 seconds about its design. It's on the back of the unit, it is a big chunk of rubber and it's pressed closed by simply mounting the light on your bike."

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