Alloy Drive
A lightweight, high volume hand pump with an integrated flex hose and valve core wrench.
Alloy Drive $49.99

Lightweight, CNC machined aluminum construction. Efficient and compact overlapping handle optimized for high volume applications. Equipped with Presta and Schrader valve compatible ABS Flex Hose with integrated valve core tool. Includes a composite matrix frame mount.

Note: Blue color not available in the United States
90psi | 6.2bar

170mm | 112g
216mm | 128g
Black/High Polish Blue/High Polish Red/High Polish Gold/High Polish

Flex Hose (PDF)

Enduro MTB Award - Alloy Drive

06.17.2014 - Bike Rumor Tests the Alloy Hand Drive

Our friends at Bike Rumor got their hands on our ultimate high volume hand pump, the Alloy Hand Drive. With the rise of large, tubeless tires on the scene, it’s no wonder that they wanted to see the best that our high volume pumps have to offer. The Alloy Hand Drive is definitely ready to impress.

“The small pump proved to be invaluable. On our first run, our group experienced a broken derailleur hanger, and four flats. Which turned a quick lap into a painfully slow adventure.During each of those trail mandated breaks, the Lezyne Alloy Drive was called into active duty. While the high volume pump had a tendency to heat up, it did made impressively short work of inflating large volume tires.”

Read the full article HERE.

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05.14.2014 - Robonza Reviews the Alloy Drive Hand Pump

“Do you not have a pump or need a new pump? You totally do and you should buy the Lezyne Alloy Drive Pump. It is the best mini pump ever. We’ve all been there, you get a flat and 400 pumps latter you snap off the presta valve. The Lezyne Alloy Drive has a removable tube similar to a floor pump that not only prevents you from breaking off presta valves but also alloys you to get a secure connection on shorter valve stems.”

“I previously had a favorite pump, but on a group ride the other night there were 3 flats and one 38mm tube that would not let my mini pump fit on. I tried a valve extender, but that failed. My buddy whipped this out of his bag and the tube filled in like 30 seconds. AMAZING!”

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04.23.2014 - Lezyne Alloy Drive 2014 - The Ultimate Mountain Bike Hand Pump

Introducing the compact and high-volume Alloy Drive, the ultimate mountain bike hand pump.

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01.20.2014 - Cyclocross Gift Guide Features Alloy Drive and SV-11 Tool

Cyclocross Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide 2013 features the Alloy Drive Hand Pump and SV-11 multitool as their top gift ideas for the 2013 holiday season. The holidays may be over, but it’s never too soon to be thinking about next year, and we’re sure that that cycling Valentine of yours would love one of these!

Part 1 (with Alloy Drive)

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12.09.2013 - Gravel Bike Likes Lezyne Mini-Pumps has Lezyne's mini-pumps on "Things I Like." Seems as though they like them a lot.

"Not all mini-pumps are created equally, though. After trying at least a dozen different makes and models, I've come to favor Lezyne's family of hand pumps."

Check out the full article here.

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03.23.2012 - Lezyne Alloy Drive Review

A super great review of our Alloy Drive after it's been beat for quite some time.

"The Lezyne is a joy to use with a nice fluid action and a thick handle to get a good grip. Some will be quick to mention that the Brompton already comes with a frame pump so why should you need another? Simply put, the included Brompton pump works best as an emergency pump in our opinion. It’s a small frame-style pump which will get the job done, but you do have to pay special attention to keep it from wrenching off a valve stem.

Check out the ENTIRE review HERE on

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