Digital Shock Drive
The new standard in shock pump technology.
Digital Shock Drive $74.99

Incredibly compact and lightweight aluminum construction. Ultra low-profile Digital Strip Gauge built into the side; design keeps pump extremely compact, yet highly accurate. Provides up to 350 psi (24 bar). Cleverly integrated hose that threads into the handle when not in use. Zero-loss chuck design unthreads from the shock after valve pin seals. The ultimate shock pump for trailside tuning.
350psi | 24.1bar

Digital display rounds PSI to the nearest whole number and bar is rounded to the nearest tenth.

11.03.2017 - Review: Lezyne Digital Shock Drive - Singletrackworld

"The Lezyne Digital Shock Pump is the perfect addition to your riding pack. With the accurate digital display, it makes experimenting with fork and shock pressures much easier than with an analogue pump. And given the thousands of pounds that most of us spend on our bikes, that kind of experimentation is well worth the time for getting the most out of each ride. Just don’t ask to borrow mine."

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05.25.2017 - Lezyne Digital Shock Drive review - MTB-Mag

"Super light, compact, accurate, weather sealed and durable...Ther's nothing else we could ask for in a shock pump. Oh yeah, it's also extremely efficient for its size...Our only initial concern that this unit would prove uncomfortable was put to rest rather quickly as we found the right space for its butt to nestle into our palm. All in all, if you see yourself wanting to do trailside tuning and you're in the market for a pump, this seems like the best option out there."

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04.15.2017 - Lezyne Digital Shock Drive pump review - MBR Mountain Bike Rider

"The tiny Digital Shock Drive packs a powerful punch, easily pumping to desired pressures. Its small size makes it easy to slip into a pack for trail side adjustments and the digital gauge allows for fine fettling of pressures."

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