Digital Pressure Over Drive
A digital high volume pump capable of seating tubless tires.
Digital Pressure Over Drive $164.99

Innovative floor pump with an integrated system designed to seat tubeless tires. A secondary chamber can be manually pressurized and the stainless steel foot-lever releases the compressed air. This discharges a strong, continued blast of air that quickly seats tubeless systems. Equipped with super accurate, custom digital gauge. Durable steel and aluminum construction with stylish wood handle. Extra long, nylon-reinforced braided hose. Presta and Schrader compatible ABS1 Pro chuck.

When using the Pressure Over Drive as a regular pump, air has to fill the chamber before it will start to fill an empty tire/tube. This may take numerous strokes before the tire/tube begins to inflate. When topping off a tube/tire that already has pressure in it, the chamber will have to reach the same pressure the tire/tube is at first before it will begin to inflate it further.
Digital Pressure Over Drive Video ABS1 Video

09.28.2017 - 12 exciting new bike tools from Interbike - MTBR

"The Pro head is an upgrade to Lezyne’s classic chuck. It makes swapping between valves simpler and also incorporates a valve core removal tool."

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04.06.2017 - Best in Test Award - Enduro Mountainbike Magazine

"If you need a high-quality floor-standing pump then the Lezyne Digital Pressure Overdrive is the best in test...Everything about the Lezyne shouts quality and durability, a joy to use in every way. We have no hesitation awarding it the best in test"

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02.09.2017 - Tests Lezyne's Digital Pressure Over Drive scored Lezyne’s Sport Digital Floor Drive as a 4-star quality pump in their recent test and review.

"Electronic Tubeless Wizardry...Lezyne takes the crown as the fanciest on offer with its digital gauge."

Check out the full review at to see all the good things they had to say about our highly accurate pump.

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01.16.2017 - Review: Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Floor Pump - Singletrack

"During our time with the Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Floor Pump, it's proven to be a solid performer. It's built to a very high standard, and already it's outlasted many lesser pumps to come through the Singletrack Workshop. Lezyne offers numerous spare parts for its pumps, so if you did ever break anything, then you can be rest assured that the whole pump isn't a throwaway item."

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04.19.2016 - Sea Otter: New Lauf fork, Lezyne tools, and dropper posts - Velonews

"Lezyne's tubeless Overdrive floor pump makes seating and inflating tubeless tires possible without an air compressor."

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