GPS Total Training Firmware
New firmware with total training integration
Connect Your Accounts
Our new firmware now allows your GPS to be fully integrated with Today’s Plan and TrainingPeaks so you can follow a structured session with training specific data fields and save your workout through the accompanying apps.
Todays's Plan and Training Peaks
Follow your plan and train better
Choose your focus for each interval, tempo or recovery session and follow your custom workout.
GPS Training - Unit Screens
TrainingPeaks is a Trademark of TrainingPeaks, LLC. Today’s Plan is a Trademark of Today’s Plan Pty Ltd.
More Data Fields
We’ve collaborated with TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan to ensure all your detailed training information is easily accessed and visible with our new firmware.
GPS Training - Unit Screens
New Indoor Trainer Mode
New Stationary Mode allows you to follow your plan indoors on a trainer utilizing your sensors without a GPS satellite connection.
New Indoor Training Mode
Firmware update available now. Go to our website to update:
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