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Software Updates
Year 10 and Newer GPS Devices (2017-2019 Model Years)
Y10 GPS Devices

What's New:

  • New GPS Updater: Feb. 2021

  • General device improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Navigation Updates:
    • Improved “off-route” arrow when a rider goes off-route during navigation. The arrow will now stably point toward the direction of route deviation.
    • Fix for the rare instance an “off-route” warning is triggered when the imported route doubles back on the same path (like an out-and-back route) during navigation.
    • Minor fix for rare occasions when the navigation “chevrons” would briefly disappear.

  • Device Improvements:
    • Stabilized ascent values for the Macro Plus GPS where totals could sometimes experience inflation due to GPS interference.
    • Fixed minor backlight discrepancies caused by a rare button-push sequence on the GPS device.
    • Updated “Auto Time Zone” setting, which would sometimes display incorrectly because it uses the paired phone’s time settings.

  • Connectivity:
    • New code added to auto-reconnect to a few new cycling sensors that would occasionally disconnect.
    • Fixed a minor display issue when connected to a Bluetooth power meter that also provides cadence.

  • Training:
    • Super Pro GPS and Macro Plus GPS now allow two training data fields to be displayed when following an imported structured training workout.
    • When following an imported training workout, a “static rest” data field is now supported as part of the intervals.

  • Strava:
    • The Super Pro GPS and Macro Plus GPS now support the plus/minus time comparison when following a Strava Live segment.

  • App Updates:
    • The Lezyne Ally App now lets users import 3rd party routes and connect them with other routes within the app.

    • PLEASE NOTE: For optimal performance, please update your GPS Ally App before installing the latest firmware.
    Year 9 GPS Devices (2016 Model Year)
    If you own any of the Year 9 devices below...
    Mini GPS
    Mini GPS
    Power GPS
    Power GPS
    Super GPS
    Super GPS
    Please use the below device software and GPS Ally app.
    What's new:

    • New device screen customizability
    Power & Super:
    • Added speed data from wheel based power meters using Bluetooth
    • Stabilized speed and distance data jumps when paired with Bluetooth speed and/or cadence sensors
    • Improved battery runtime percentage reporting
    • Improved Ant+ sensor connection
    • Fixed Ant+ pairing to only pair with the same sensor after restarting the GPS
    • Improved Shimano D-Fly Di2 auto reconnect
    • Ant+ power meter battery reporting now percentage based
    • Refined power calculations with crank and wheel based Ant+ power meters

    Mini/Power/Super GPS Update (OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion and later)
    Mini GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Power GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Super GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16
    Mini/Power/Super GPS Update (Windows)
    Mini GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Power GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Super GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16
    Sensor Support
    • Supported Sensor List (Year 10)
    • Supported Sensor List (Year 9)
    • Heart Rate Flow Sensor Manual
    • Cadence Speed Flow Sensor Manual
    GPS Ally App
    Newer GPS Devices
    Android 4.481
    Google Play
    iPhone 4.457
    Apple App Store
    Year 9 GPS Devices (2016 Model Year)
    Android v2.1.41
    Google Play
    iPhone v2.1.41
    Apple App Store
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