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For information on Year 9 vs Year 10 GPS device and app updates, please see our guide here.
Software Updates
Year 10 and Newer GPS Devices (2017-2018 Model Years)
Y10 GPS Devices

For Mega GPS Devices:

New Features:
  • FE-C Trainer Data: Record data from “smart” stationary bike trainers.
  • Manually set base elevation before starting a ride
    • If you are in an area where GPS signal is poor (surrounded by mountains or tall buildings) and you know your starting elevation, go to: Menu > Info > GPS > Set Elevation. Here you can set your starting elevation and it will remain correct for the duration of your ride. When starting a new ride, it will default back to "auto."

New Device Data Fields:
  • Max. Power
  • Total Work in Kilojoules
  • Optional data fields for navigation and/or map pages
  • Improved Ant+ and Bluetooth connection with external sensors
    • Note: When connecting to a sensor for the first time, GPS device must now be held within a few centimeters from sensor’s signal point.
  • Bluetooth connection improvements between GPS device and Ally v2 phone app for new and recently updated phones.
  • Improved step-by-step device setup for first time GPS device users.
  • Improved barometer data fusion with GPS data for more consistent elevation readings.
  • Improved auto-pause functionality when GPS signal is lost while riding through a tunnel.
  • Increased file size for map transfers from GPS Root to Mega GPS devices.
  • Improved map transfer interaction and clarification for offline maps in the phone app. New icons detail which maps are on the phone and/or on the device. Plus, app map will now outline which areas have already been downloaded.
  • Improved graphic design and layout formatting—including menu orientation when in landscape mode on the Mega XL.
  • Improved Strava Live Segments list of synched segments in the device menu. Includes segment name and KOM/PR times.

For Super/Micro/Macro/Mini/Micro C/Watches:

  • Minor bug fixes to the device, but major improvements to the Ally V2 app greatly improve overall functionality.

Click here for step-by-step directions for the new features.

• PLEASE NOTE: For optimal performance, please update your GPS Ally App before installing the latest firmware.
Year 9 GPS Devices (2016 Model Year)
If you own any of the Year 9 devices below...
Mini GPS
Mini GPS
Power GPS
Power GPS
Super GPS
Super GPS
Please use the below device software and GPS Ally app.
What's new:

  • New device screen customizability
Power & Super:
  • Added speed data from wheel based power meters using Bluetooth
  • Stabilized speed and distance data jumps when paired with Bluetooth speed and/or cadence sensors
  • Improved battery runtime percentage reporting
  • Improved Ant+ sensor connection
  • Fixed Ant+ pairing to only pair with the same sensor after restarting the GPS
  • Improved Shimano D-Fly Di2 auto reconnect
  • Ant+ power meter battery reporting now percentage based
  • Refined power calculations with crank and wheel based Ant+ power meters

Mini/Power/Super GPS Update (OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion and later)
Mini GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Power GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Super GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16
Mini/Power/Super GPS Update (Windows)
Mini GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Power GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16 Super GPS Version: V3.28, Release date 07-Dec-16
Sensor Support
  • Supported Sensor List (Year 10)
  • Supported Sensor List (Year 9)
  • Heart Rate Flow Sensor Manual
  • Cadence Speed Flow Sensor Manual
GPS Ally App
Year 10 GPS Devices (2017 Model Year)
Android V2 v4.257
Google Play
iPhone V2 v4.255
Apple App Store
Year 9 GPS Devices (2016 Model Year)
Android v2.1.41
Google Play
iPhone v2.1.41
Apple App Store
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