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Specialized Lululemon

Specialized Lululemon

Lezyne, after having established itself as a leader in the industry began looking for ways to partner with other leaders as well. After our successful partnership with the Men’s and Women’s Highroads cycling teams in 2010 and 2011, Lezyne has decided to move on with Specialized Lululemon under the ownership and management of the wonderful Kristy Scrymgeour. She has built up a team of immensely strong women who also happen to have sterling careers to back them up. The team consists mostly of women who have come straight from the dissolved HTC team. The team members include: Amber Neben, Evelyn Stevens, Clara Hughes, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Trixi Worrack, Charlotte Becker, Lisa Brennauer, Katie Colclough, Emilia Fahlin, and Ellen Van Dijk. This is a truly powerhouse team.

Specialized Lululemon Team Camp Specialized - Lululemon Team Camp 2014 - Powered by Lezyne Team Specialized - Lululemon 2014 - Their Favorite Lezyne Gear
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