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Flats are only as good as your repair tools.
Like all Lezyne products, durability and ease of use is paramount to our products success. Lezyne continues in this tradition of elegant, innovative design, and superior materials, to create a great line of tire repair tools. High-strength tire levers are made from aluminum, durable steel, or Composite Matrix materials and include an ergonomic hook design. The glueless patches contain synthetic rubber compounds with aggressive adhesives for the ultimate in tube repairing applications. Slick, waterproof cases with built in tire lever end caps make the Lezyne Lever Kits super compact and truly innovative.
Wade Simmons and The Lever Kit
Wade Simmons and The Lever Kit
Tire Repair Features
Our classic Power Levers have been hitting the gym this year to bring you the Power Lever XL! With their extra long and extra strong Composite Matrix design, these levers will tackle the largest and toughest of tires while comfortably resting in the palm of your hand.
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