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Bringing you the highest quality designed LED light systems available anywhere, Lezyne is continuing to redefine the industry with our state of the art LED products. With years of LED experience and several innovative features we are focused on bringing you the brightest and longest lasting LED lights available. With our Infinite Light systems you are able to swap out our Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries on the fly, which extends your ride time in low light/no light situations. Our USB recharging makes charging up your LEDs simple, easy and convenient. Our LEDs show strength, beauty and reliability.
Lezyne's Integrating Sphere - How we test lights
Lezyne's Integrating Sphere & Light Testing
LED Features
Lezyne is introducing the new line of LEDs for Year 8, the KTV family of commuter lights! The KTV line of LEDs includes the KTV Pro, KTV Front LED and KTV Rear LED. These affordable, durable and USB rechargeable lights are perfect for those who love to commute by bike.
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