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Hyper-efficient hand pumps.
Our line of modern hand pumps continues to be lightweight, super compact and hyper-efficient. Equipped with our category defining ABS Flex Hose, our diverse collection of hand pumps has options for every type of rider. From carbon obsessed, gram-counting roadies to fat bike lugging backcountry explorers, we obsessively engineer the best possible hand pumps to lessen and ease any roadside downtime. Innovative pumps like our Micro Floor Drive HV will effortlessly fill the fattest tires, while the compact and extra light Carbon Road Drive will power a 700c slick up to 160 psi. Constructed from the best materials and utilizing machined aluminum hardware, our pumps will keep riders rolling for a long, long time.
Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2014 - The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Hand Pump
Carbon Road Drive - The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Hand Pump
Hand Pump Features
Tired of using your hand pump without knowing how much pressure you've pumped into your tire? So were we, which is why we introduced the Gauge Drive in our lineup of highly efficient hand pumps! The Gauge Drive will include our ABS Pen Gauge for accurate readings of tire pressure.
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