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Professional mechanics demand professional quality equipment, so it’s no surprise that our floor pumps are one of their favorite tools. The high quality design, construction and performance make them incredibly efficient and extremely durable for everyday use. With features like oversized aluminum bases and CNC machined aluminum hardware, precision and reliability are unquestionable characteristics of our floor pump line. Furthermore, unparalleled accuracy is achieved on our high performance pumps with nylon- reinforced braided hoses, digital gauges and oversized aluminum pistons.

Lezyne CNC Floor Drive - The Ultimate High Pressure Floor Pump
CNC Floor Drive: The Ultimate High Pressure Floor Pump
Floor Pump Features
Our innovative Flip-Thread Chuck design has evolved into the ABS2. This new chuck has been engineered to quickly mount and release from both Presta and Schrader valves while still providing a secure threaded connection. We've also added a "Tall" version of our most popular floor pumps for all of the tall bike riders out there. This new size is optimized for taller people that don't want to bend over as much to fill up a tire.
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