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Lezyne High-Pressure and High-Volume Floor Drive pumps have become a signature line in Year 8. With options like digital gauges, a new oversized mechanical gauge, and threaded or slip fit head connections they continue to define the best performance of a floor pump on the market. Custom machined and forged parts are designed to come together and create a truly elegant and efficient inflation system. With features like the patented Air Bleed System (ABS), which releases the pressure in the line after inflation, removal is effortless. The Shock Thread Chuck with the Accu-Pressure System, found on the Shock Digital Drive, delivers new accuracy for shock tuning.

Lezyne CNC Floor Drive - The Ultimate High Pressure Floor Pump
CNC Floor Drive: The Ultimate High Pressure Floor Pump
Floor Pump Features
Our sleek and stylish analog floor pumps are receiving an upgrade this year with a new, oversized 3.5 inch analog gauge! This new gauge increases visibility and allows the user to read a more precise measurement of low and high pressure tires. Included on our CNC, Alloy and Classic floor drives.
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