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Superior quality, performance and durability make our line of floor pumps the benchmark of the industry. Constructed from only the best stuff, we refuse to build our pumps from inferior materials. Verified in the test labs, and proven in the real world, our floor pumps are consistently the number one choice by professional mechanics around the world. We offer a wide range of floor pumps styles for all types of riders, including the new Pressure Over Drive tubeless ready model.

Lezyne CNC Floor Drive - The Ultimate High Pressure Floor Pump
CNC Floor Drive: The Ultimate High Pressure Floor Pump
Floor Pump Features
For the growing tubeless market, the new Pressure Over Drive has bolstered our lineup of premium floor pumps. This new model features the same quality construction that our floor pumps are known for with the addition of a secondary chamber. This additional chamber can be manually pressurized, and then quickly discharged in order to seat any style of tubeless tire without the need of a CO2 system or air compressor!
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