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The power of wind in the palm of your hand.
Lezyne CO2 inflation systems offer you a lightweight, compact, and instant alternative to carrying a hand pump for inflating your tires. All Lezyne CO2 inflation systems are made from machined aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, providing you with the highest quality CO2 inflation system in the industry. The Twin Chuck head features a dual thread which allows it to securely attach to all valve stems. The Twin Slip-Fit Head slips effortlessly onto valves for fast engagement. The Threaded Valve and Trigger Valve are simple and intuitive to use. Rounding out the lineup is the CO2 Flex Hose (CFH) System which provides the convenience of a CO2 inflator coupled with a high quality hand pump.
Lezyne Control Drive - The Ultimate CO2 Inflator
Lezyne Control Drive - The Ultimate CO2 Inflator
Hand Pump Features
Add some control to your CO2 inflator with our new Control Drive head! The Control Drive allows you to easily determine how much CO2 you discharge into your tire at once, allowing you to decide what pressure is right for you. A simple "twist" is all you need to take complete control!
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