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Wade Simmons and The Lever Kit
The Lezyne Lever Kit is an all-in-one patch kit and tire lever combo. A durable aluminum case holds the patch kit while tire levers serve as press-fit end caps. The glueless patches conform to inflated tubes with an aggressive adhesive. The patch kit instructions have an adhesive backing to serve as an emergency tire boot. The durable, high strength, Composite Matrix tire levers have an aggressively shaped hook for quick tire bead removal. The kit includes a stainless steel scuffer. Patch refill kits and countertop POP boxes are also available.
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KIT: scuffer, 6 glueless patches, 1 tire boot, 2 Power Levers
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Aluminum Construction Composite Matrix Scuffer Glueless Waterproof
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum, a strong, light weight and durable material, is used to make tire levers and patch kit cases.
Composite Matrix
Composite Matrix is a high-strength, fiber reinforced material used in durable components.
Durable, reusable, stainless steel tube scuffer is weather resistant.
Glueless patches are coated with an aggressive adhesive, for a permanent repair. A specially developed synthetic rubber-patch compound conforms to inflated tubes.
Rubber plugs and aluminum cases make kits waterproof, keeping patches ready for use.

12.09.2013 - LEZYNE Lever Kit received the best result in a comparative test of repair kits

The German cycling market is really coming into their own. They are certainly enthused about testing things and giving results out, which is lucky for us.

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