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Classic Pedal Rod
Classic Pedal Rod
Classic Pedal Rod
The Lezyne Classic Pedal Rod is a shop quality pedal wrench designed with two 15mm offset wrench openings positioned for optimal leverage and ease of use. The tool head is made of a stamped, CNC machined, and heat-treated steel plate and has an integrated bottle opener. The wood handle is shaped and varnished for a classic look and comfortable grip.
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360mm | 14.2in

Wood Forged Forged
Wood is a renewable material that employed in strong and stylish components that develops with time and use.
Forging is a manufacturing process that results in extremely strong, precise, and durable tools.
CNC Machined
CNC machined parts for precise, durable, lightweight tool construction.

12.20.2011 - London Cyclist Reviews Lezyne's Workshop Tools

London Cyclist reviews Lezyne's Workshop Tools and does it well.

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