Energy Caddy
A compact, toptube mounted pouch ideal for gels and snacks.
Compact, toptube mounted pouch ideal for gels and snacks. Secure, three Velcro strap design. Molded EVA foam structure with durable nylon cover. Elastic midsection expands to accommodate different size content. Velcro-mesh cover keeps items in place.

195x70x85 mm

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04.01.2014 - Triradar’s Verdict On Lezyne Energy Caddy

TriRadar recently got a hold of our Energy Caddy to test out how much energy you can really pack into this organizer. They were impressed by the results, giving our Lezyne Energy Caddy a 4-out-of-5 in all three categories, including: performance, value and overall rating.

“Verdict: A surprisingly capacious, secure storage box for easy feeding. There might be bigger nutrition boxes, but we managed to cram an impressive six large gels inside before closing the mesh velcro became a problem.”

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