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The Lezyne M Caddy QR is a medium sized, wedge-shaped Caddy is designed to carry just the right amount of tire repair for most rides. The QR mounting system attaches the Caddy to the saddle rails.around the seat post. Durable woven nylon fabrics, a water resistant zipper and reflective tail light loop make this caddy ready for all weather. The main compartment features neoprene pockets for organizing tire repair and money. It also has an easily accessible, external compartment for a medium sized multi-tool.
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30.5in³ | 0.50L

Quick Release Organization Weather Resistant
Quick Release
QR mounting system utilizes a Composite Matrix hard mount for toolless installation and removal. The push of a button makes for quick Caddy transitions between bikes.
Cycling-specific organizational pockets, for tools, tire repair and other essentials, are integrated into the Caddy to keep items in place and easy to find.
Weather Resistant
Organizers constructed with durable and water resistant materials that are strategically placed to protect your belongings.

05.22.2013 - Reviews the Lezyne Pod Caddy M Quick Release

Saddle bags are a useful accessory but can often ruin the look of a nice bike; a baggy material with velcro straps wrapped around multiple surfaces. The Lezyne Pod Caddy does away with straps and bagginess, creating a saddle rail mounted hard shell case.

In-line with what I've come to expect from Lezyne, it's a stylish and well made bag that will not look out of place on a high value bike. I was looking forward to testing it on my Giant TCR, as with its aero post, fitting a standard saddle bag proved cumbersome and I also wanted something I could easily remove when racing. Unfortunately the Pod didn't fit either: the rail mounting interfered with the seat-post clamp.

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05.22.2013 - Lezyne M Caddy Quick Release

The Lezyne M Caddy Quick Release is a very neat and useful saddle-bag.

Lezyne have a range of small bags that fit under your saddle, including this M Caddy QR. The M stands for medium, and the QR stands for quick release. It's perfectly sized for carrying all the kit you need for a day out - and you can attach it to your bike (and take it off again) very quickly indeed.

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