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Stainless Tools
Stainless Tools
Stainless Tools
Lezyne Stainless tools are functional, lightweight and durable tools ideal for roadside or trail-side use. The forged aluminum side plates are lightweight and easy to use while wearing gloves. The stain- less steel bits and fastening hardware are extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Forged, Center-Pivot bits increase tool rigidity and improve ergonomics. A cast steel chain breaker works with 9/10/11 speed chains (STL 12 and 20) and has 3 integrated spoke wrenches.
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Blue/High PolishGold/High PolishRed/High PolishBlack/High Polish
STL 20:
54W × 87L × 26H (mm)
Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mmStar Shaped T25, T30
Phillips & Flat HeadChain Breaker: (9/10/11 speed)
Spoke Wrenches: Mavic Mtv, 3.22, 3.45Serrated Knife 60mm
Tire Lever: Open end 10mmBottle Opener: Open End 8mm, Disk Brake Wedge

STL 12:
51W × 67L × 29H (mm)
Hex 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mmStar Shaped T25
Phillips-HeadChain Breaker: (9/10/11 speed)
Spoke Wrenches: Mavic Mtv, 3.22, 3.45  

Stainless Steel Aluminum Construction CNC Machined Forged Center Pivot Bits
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is used to give parts increased durability and corrosion resistance.
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum, a strong, light weight and durable material, is used to make forged and machined components.
CNC Machined
CNC machined parts for precise and durable construction.
Forging is a manufacturing process that results in extremely strong and durable parts.
Center Pivot Bits
Precision CNC machined, Center-Pivot design increases bit rigidity and improves tool ergonomics while reducing weight.

11.26.2013 - Cycling Active Magazine Names Lezyne's Stainless 12 Multi-Tool as Top 7 Multi-Tool

With a ranking of 7/10 by Cycling Active magazine, Lezyne's Stainless 12 Multi-Tool was in some good company when it was ranked as one of the "7 of the Best Multi-Tools" in their January Issue.

"...exceptionally well-made tool. The

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09.24.2013 - What Mountain Bike Magazine Offering Lezyne Product to Subscribers

You read that right! What Mountain Bike magazine is currently offering the Lezyne Stainless 19 Multitool to new subscribers in it's October 2013 issue! An easy way to get a beautiful, efficient product.

Visit the What Mountain Bike website for more information and find out more about the Lezyne Stainless 19 Multitool here.

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