Port-a Shop Tool Kit
A portable, professional grade cycling specific tool kit.
Portable, professional grade cycling specific tool kit. Includes shop quality tools for general bicycle maintainence. Durable, composite case with sturdy foam interior. Labeled slots keeps tools organized. Spare pocket for personal tools/belongings.

Hex Kit
Torx Block
Smart Kit
3 Way Spoke Wrench
3 Way Allen 4/5/6
3 Way Allen 2/2.5/3
3 Way Wrench Star
Classic Chain Drive
Classic Chain Rod
Classic Pedal Rod
Power Lever XL
Classic Hex 6mm
Classic Hex 8mm
Splined BB Tool
Cassette Tool
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09.25.2017 - The Tools of Las Vegas! - NSMB.com

"Lezyne's boldly named Port-a-Shop kit gives much of what you might need at a race or on the road. And for many this might be a good starter kit for your home shop."

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