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Super Drive XL
Super Drive XL
Super Drive XL
Lezyne LED Lights - Race Mode Overview Lezyne Super Drive XL - 700 Lumens of Perfection
The Lezyne Super Drive XL has been designed with the XL CNC-machined aluminum body that is lightweight, durable, and promotes LED efficiency. Constant Lumens power management drives LED performance at a bright 700 lumens. Overdrive Race Mode allows quick switching between Overdrive and Economy to optimize the use of power for any occasion. The Side Visibility Cuts allow for 180 degrees of visibility, especially from the side. The Infinite Light design allows the user to replace the Li-ion battery on demand. The Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level any time and choose either fast, high efficiency, 2 Amp recharging with a compatible wall adaptor or via a Micro USB cable for ultimate convenience. The Super Drive XL comes with Composite Matrix handlebar mounts (25.4mm and 31.8mm) and 2 rubber shims. It is also available as a Fully Loaded package with CM handlebar mounts, a CM helmet mount, a spare battery pack, a Micro USB charging cable, and CM storage case.
Super Drive XL $119.99
Super Drive XL Loaded Box $154.99 Buy Now
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6hrs (1A) / 3hrs (2A)
LIR18650 (included)
silver/high polishblack/high polish
Super Drive XL Chart
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Aluminum Construction Composite Matrix CNC Machined Constant Lumens Infinite Light MOR Optics Intelligent Power Indicator Rechargeable Side Visibility Water Resistant Overdrive Race Mode
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum is a strong and lightweight material is an excellent thermal conductor and is used in the construction of Lezyne lights.
Composite Matrix
Composite Matrix is a high strength fiber-reinforced material used to make durable components.
CNC Machined
CNC Machining creates parts that are durable and precise.
Constant Lumens
Unique electronics that allow Lezyne lights to emit light at a constant lumen level, resulting in higher overall lumen output for longer periods of time.
Infinite Light
Lezyne lights use high capacity LIR batteries. Infinite Light allows the user to open the light body and replace the batteries on demand, extending the run time indefinitely.
MOR Optics
MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lenses are one piece optics that produce an improved Uniform Power Beam that is wider, smoother and brighter resulting in more optimal light ahead of the user.
Intelligent Power Indicator
Red, green, and blue LEDs inside the button show the battery power levels during use and recharging.
USB Rechargeable
Included Micro USB cables or integrated USB sticks can be plugged into a computer or wall outlet adaptor for convenient and fast recharging of LED lights.
Side Visibility
A unique body and lens design that allows for 180 degrees of visibility, increasing user safety when operating at night.
Water Resistant
Lezyne lights are precision engineered and manufactured with quality to deliver extreme weather and water resistance.
Overdrive Race Mode
An alternate output mode set that switches between an ultra-bright Overdrive mode and Economy mode with a single push of the power button.

01.09.2014 - Bike Rumor Tackles Lezyne's Super Drive XL, Mega Drive, and Zecto Drive Pro

"As Lezyne puts it, just a few years ago there were no Lezyne Lights. Now, they're practically an electronics company. The Super Drive XL, Mega Drive, and Zecto Drive Pro offer just a small glimpse into their line up from the 160 lumen Zecto Pro to the blinding 1200 lumen Mega Drive." More

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01.03.2013 - Bright Lights: Lezyne’s Super Drive

Engineered design makes the LED Super Drive a powerful biking companion. High-efficiency LEDs work with a specially-designed mirror polished parabolic reflector and front lens to give you focused brightness and excellent beam pattern. The aluminium enclosure makes for a sturdy light, and the 31.8mm and 25.4mm Composite Matrix bar bracket synergizes with an easy-on thumb screw.

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10.11.2012 - MTBR covers Lezyne's 2013 Product Line

MTBR visited our booth at Interbike and shot a lot of videos and photos for your viewing pleasure. They are all super informative and helpful in introducing the new 2013 line of products to the consumer. It is absolutely worth the time to find out what actually drives us and what the end result in the product looks like. Enjoy. Link HERE.

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04.02.2012 - Lezyne Super Drive review by The Hub Cyclery

A great review of the Lezyne Super Drive as a "bikepacking" light....sweet.

"This light is very powerful, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. With four settings 450/300/100 lumens, plus blinking, it’s versatile to boot."

Check out the full review HERE.

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02.07.2012 - Initial Review: Lezyne's Compact Super Drive Headlight

Thanks to all great folks over at, enlightening the world about all of the great and not so great products in the industry. In all honesty, I didn't expect to like Lezyne's Super Drive.  As a commuter who regularly starts and finishes his morning commute in the dark, I've been spoiled by trail-ready 900+ Lumen lighting systems and the vision -and visibility- that they guarantee.  Coming from substantially more powerful lighting systems, I wasn’t sure what a 450 Lumen light with a mere 90 minute runtime could offer- especially at $110.  After about eight weeks of near-daily use, I now know- and have taken quite the shine to the little light.  Click through to find out more...

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01.31.2012 - Lezyne Super Drive Front Light Review

Smart light good for those who want a commuting torch powerful enough for occasional on and off-road night riding.

Lezyne have built a solid reputation in five short years for revolutionizing the multi-tool market, making tools for the first time sexy.

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01.27.2012 - Reviews the Super and Mini Drive LED Lights

We at Twenty Nine Inches received a pair of Lezyne's 2012 LED lights a while back for test/review. We had heard about these new products last year at a Press Camp attended by Grannygear and when the products were ready, Grannygear and Guitar Ted each got a sample to test out. Granygear received the Mini Drive while Guitar Ted reviews the Super Drive here. Without further adieu, here are their thoughts on these new for Lezyne products, the Super Drive and Mini Drive LED lights.

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01.17.2012 - LED Helmet Mount Finalized and Available Next Month and Super Drive Review

The guys of have released an in-depth, 2-page review of the Super Drive LED.

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01.02.2012 - Lezyne LED Review by MTBR User

Here's a great review by Andy aka Rut on MTBR.

So last night was the first night I have been able to use our new Lezyne Super Drive lights. I mounted two on the bars and headed out for a few hour ride. I turned one on low and proceeded to do get into the 1 1/2 hour climb. With another person behind me, I was being "flooded" out by their light, but that was my doing. I did, after all, have the light on low.

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12.23.2011 - HubPages Features Lezyne Lights

Lezyne Super Drive Light to Make Your Night Journey Pleasant and Secure.

A Lezyne Super Drive light is able to work longer (more than one thousand hours) comparatively. Like incandescent, it doesn’t get burnt quickly even if you frequently turn on and off. Though LED driving lights are expensive, their longevity makes it a worth buying car accessory. LED light can easily operate with the dimmer switch whereas an incandescent doesn’t. It makes your night driving easy because you don’t strain your eyes to see pot holes.

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12.23.2011 - UPPGRADER Blog features Lezyne's Super Drive

UPPGRADER (a men's fashion, swag, and upscale product blog) features Lezyne's Super Drive. Pretty sexy. We are glad that Lezyne can roll with the best of them.

[$110] Night biking- it’s not the brightest idea in the world, but sometimes it happens. If you plan on doing any night biking, gear up with the 450 Lumen Lezyne Super Drive LED. The Super Drive uses a unique lens and reflector setup that illuminates near and far simultaneously without sacrificing visibility in either field. It’s programmable with three custom modes ranging from 150 to 450 Lumens (about 4 hours to 1.5 hours battery life). Housed in a tough aluminum body with composite handlebar attachment.

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12.10.2011 - RennRad Mag Says Just Use the LED Super Drive

RennRad Mag shows how you can bring light in the darkest night – just use the new LED Super Drive.

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11.14.2011 - New Super Drive Review

MTBR has posted an extremely thorough review on our new Super Drive LED.

Ahh Lezyne...they’re a fairly new company that quickly revolutionized tools and pumps. Early this spring, they held a press camp to announce their entry into the lights arena. At first, I didn’t give it a second look as it seemed like small commuter lights. But the more I looked at them and now that I’m using them, the more I find their products very compelling.

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