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Power Drive XL
Power Drive XL
Power Drive XL
Lezyne LED Lights - Race Mode Overview 2013 Lezyne Power Drive XL Lezyne Power Drive XL - 600 Lumens of Perfection
The Lezyne Power Drive XL is housed in a strong CNC-machined aluminum XL body that is lightweight, durable, and promotes LED efficiency. Constant Lumens power management drive the LED at a steady 600 lumens. The Side Visibility Cuts allow for 180 degrees of visibility, especially from the side. The Infinite Light design allows the user to replace the Li-ion battery on demand for longer rides. The Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level any time. It is recharged either with a fast, high efficiency, 2 Amp charging with a compatible wall adaptor, or via a Micro USB cable for ultimate convenience. Its Overdrive Race Mode allows quick switching between Overdrive and Economy to optimize the use of power for any occasion. The Power Drive XL comes with Composite Matrix handlebar mounts (25.4mm and 31.8mm) and 2 rubber shims. It is also available as a Fully Loaded package with CM handlebar mounts, a CM helmet mount, a spare battery pack, a Micro USB charging cable, and CM storage case.
Power Drive XL $99.99
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6hrs (1A) / 3hrs (2A)
LIR18650 (included)
silver/high polishblack/high polish
Power Drive XL Chart
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Aluminum Construction Composite Matrix CNC Machined Constant Lumens Infinite Light MOR Optics Intelligent Power Indicator Rechargeable Side Visibility Water Resistant Overdrive Race Mode
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum is a strong and lightweight material is an excellent thermal conductor and is used in the construction of Lezyne lights.
Composite Matrix
Composite Matrix is a high strength fiber-reinforced material used to make durable components.
CNC Machined
CNC Machining creates parts that are durable and precise.
Constant Lumens
Unique electronics that allow Lezyne lights to emit light at a constant lumen level, resulting in higher overall lumen output for longer periods of time.
Infinite Light
Lezyne lights use high capacity LIR batteries. Infinite Light allows the user to open the light body and replace the batteries on demand, extending the run time indefinitely.
MOR Optics
MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lenses are one piece optics that produce an improved Uniform Power Beam that is wider, smoother and brighter resulting in more optimal light ahead of the user.
Intelligent Power Indicator
Red, green, and blue LEDs inside the button show the battery power levels during use and recharging.
USB Rechargeable
Included Micro USB cables or integrated USB sticks can be plugged into a computer or wall outlet adaptor for convenient and fast recharging of LED lights.
Side Visibility
A unique body and lens design that allows for 180 degrees of visibility, increasing user safety when operating at night.
Water Resistant
Lezyne lights are precision engineered and manufactured with quality to deliver extreme weather and water resistance.
Overdrive Race Mode
An alternate output mode set that switches between an ultra-bright Overdrive mode and Economy mode with a single push of the power button.

12.03.2013 - Power Drive XL Review by

Lezyne's Power Drive XL recently scored a 7/10 from

"The Lezyne Power Drive XL front light provides plenty of light for urban and suburban riding and makes a good helmet-mounted secondary light for occasional green lane action. It's neatly machined with plenty of nice touches."

Check out the full article here.

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11.26.2013 - Active Lists Power Drive XL Loaded as Top Holiday Gift Idea has our Power Drive XL Loaded Kit as a part of their 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

"The wintertime means less light on the road. If your significant other rides in the early-morning or evening hours, a good list is a must to stay safe." We couldn't agree more, and the Power Drive XL is the perfect light to get your cycling-obsessed significant other.

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11.08.2013 - Lezyne Scores Big in Cycling Weekly (UK) Magazine

Cycling Weekly (UK) Magazine's Lights Roundup reviewed a number of different lights from different companies, including a couple from here at Lezyne. They got their hands on the Power Drive XL, Macro Drive, Micro Drive Rear, and Femto LED Front and Rear.

"Lezyne Power Drive XL – Don't be put off by the quoted runtime - Lezyne's 'Infinite Light' system includes a spare rechargeable cell so there's always a back-up. Output is excellent and the cutaways on the hood give great side visibility for commuters."

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10.12.2012 - Power Drive LED gets a 9 in Cycling Active Magazine

Weapons grade construction gives the aluminum bodied Power Drive XL a bombproof feel..."

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02.16.2012 - Lezyne Power Drive Quick Review by Kansas Cyclist

Kansas Cyclist did an extremely thorough review of Lezyne's Power Drive. Tip of the cap to ya gents.

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02.14.2012 - Lezyne Power Drive Quick Review by Kansas Cyclist

91 POINTS! We're scoring better than a lot of pricey bottles of wine, so go ahead and do yourself the favor: skip those bottles of wine and buy yourself some sweet LUMEN LOVE! It's a Valentine's Day FIESTA!

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01.25.2012 - L&M Urban 300 vs. Lezyne Power Drive

Light comparison between Light and Motion's "Urban 300" and Lezyne's "Power Drive".

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12.23.2011 - HubPages Features Lezyne Lights

Lezyne Super Drive Light to Make Your Night Journey Pleasant and Secure.

The interesting thing about a Lezyne Power Drive is that it comes in three stunning colors. The black and silver color LED lights suit with almost all cars.

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