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Lezyne Pressure Drive 2014 Our Ultra Lightweight Cnc Hand Pump
The Lezyne Pressure Drive is a compact HP hand pump made of custom CNC machined aluminum for precise and lightweight construction. The HP pump design easily inflates tires to riding pressure with fewer strokes. The overlapping handle and barrel are integrated into a compact design. It comes equipped with Lezyne's ABS Flex Hose, which has a threaded Presta connection with ABS on one side and a threaded Shrader connection on the other.
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170mm | 89g
216mm | 102g
Blue/High PolishGold/High PolishRed	/High PolishBlack/High Polish
120psi | 8.3 bar
ABS Flex Hose (PDF)

Aluminum Constrution CNC Machined ABS (Air Bleed System) Threaded Connection
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum, a strong, light weight and durable material, is used to make various precision pump components.
CNC Machined
CNC machined aluminum parts are durable and precise.
ABS (Air Bleed System)
The patented ABS butt on releases air pressure in the pump hose, making it easy to remove the Flex Hose, eliminating the chance of unthreading Presta valve cores.
Threaded Connection
Lezyne's ABS Flex Hose threads directly onto the valve for a secure, air tight connection. Compatible with Presta, and Schrader valves.

04.17.2014 - Lezyne Pressure Drive 2014 - Our Ultra Lightweight CNC Hand Pump

Introducing the compact and versatile Pressure Drive, our ultra lightweight full CNC hand pump (New Video).

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12.09.2013 - Gravel Bike Likes Lezyne Mini-Pumps

Gravelbike.com has Lezyne's mini-pumps on "Things I Like." Seems as though they like them a lot.

"Not all mini-pumps are created equally, though. After trying at least a dozen different makes and models, I've come to favor Lezyne's family of hand pumps."

Check out the full article here.

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12.09.2013 - BikeRumor with Another Great Review of Lezyne Product

"It's become my default pack pump."

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02.14.2012 - The Pressure Drive Makes It On Top of the Podium in German Roadbike Magazine!

4 years after the first test award in 2008, the Pressure Drive is still the best! In the latest mini pump test of the German Roadbike magazine, the Pressure Drive makes it on the top of the podium!

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12.16.2011 - Lezyne Pressure Drive ABS Medium Mini Pump Review

Great review of our Pressure Drive given by MyPedals.com.

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