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Gauge Drive HP
Lezyne Gauge Drive HP - Our First Pressure Gauge Hand Pump
The Lezyne Gauge Drive HP is a compact hand pump made of custom CNC machined aluminum for precise and lightweight construction. The HP pump design easily inflates tires to riding pressure with fewer strokes. The overlapping handle and barrel are integrated into a compact design. It comes equipped with Lezyne's ABS Pen Gauge, a precise and compact in-line pressure gauge compatible with Presta and Schrader valves.
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232mm | 119g
120psi | 8.3 bar

Aluminum Constrution Composite Matrix CNC Machined ABS (Air Bleed System) Threaded Connection Integrated Gauge
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum, a strong, light weight and durable material, is used to make various precision pump components.
Composite Matrix
Composite Matrix is a high strength fiber-reinforced material used to make durable components.
CNC Machined
CNC Machining creates parts that are durable and precise.
ABS (Air Bleed System)
The patented ABS butt on releases air pressure in the pump hose, making it easy to remove the Flex Hose, eliminating the chance of unthreading Presta valve cores.
Threaded Connection
Lezyne's ABS Flex Hose threads directly onto the valve for a secure, air tight connection. Compatible with Presta, and Schrader valves.
Integrated Gauge
In-line pressure gauge for accurate inflation; contains clear and easy to read marks for both PSI and BAR.

10.29.2014 - Gauge Drive HP and Road Drive Score Accolades in Bikes Etc issue 1

Bikes Etc published a mini pump round-up and featured two popular Lezyne hand pumps: The Road Drive (Small) and Gauge Drive HP! The Gauge Drive HP scored BEST IN TEST as well as an overall 8 out of 10, and the Road Drive S received a 7 out of 10.

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07.28.2014 - The SLO Cyclist Tests the Lezyne Gauge Drive HP with ABS Pen Gauge

Longtime Lezyne follower, cycling fan and blogger from our hometown of San Luis Obispo gives our new Gauge Drive HP and ABS Pen Gauge a try, with favorable results! Check out this great review highlighting the sleek, lightweight design and user-friendliness of both products combined from someone who has been a happy user of our super-portable CO2 systems over the years.

"Really, this pump is only a few tweaks from previous versions of Lezyne's line, but, in the end, I have to hand it to Lezyne for pushing some functional cycling gear toward the fantastic."

SloCyclist.com review here.

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