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Robert and the Lezyne Travel Floor Drive Ina and the Road Drive CFH and Travel Floor Drive Lezyne Floor Drive Series 2014 - As good as it gets!
The Lezyne CNC Travel Drive is the ultimate travel floor pump with all the capabilities of a full-size floor pump in a compact size. All components are custom CNC machined aluminum, resulting in a durable and lightweight design. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck works on both Presta and Schrader valves. The included Speed Chuck makes this pump compatible with disc wheels. The 1.5” gauge is compact and precise. The Lay-Flat design and included felt lined canvas bag protect the pump during transport and storage. An anodized high polish finish make this pump stylish and durable.
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0.84kg | 1.85lbs
Metallic Silver
160psi | 15bar
50.8 x 19 x 60 cm

Aluminum Construction CNC Machined ABS (Air Bleed System) Threaded Connection Lay Flat Design Slip Fit
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum, a strong, light weight and durable material, is used to make various precision pump components.
CNC Machined
CNC machining creates parts that are precise and durable.
ABS (Air Bleed System)
The patented ABS button releases air pressure in the pump hose, making it easy to remove the Flip-Thread Chuck, eliminating the chance of unthreading Presta valve cores.
Threaded Connection
Lezyne's ABS Flip-Thread Chuck threads directly onto the valve for a secure, air tight connection. It is compatible with Presta, and Schrader valves.
Lay Flat Design
An in-line floor drive body design that allows the pump to lay fl at for easy transport.
Slip Fit
Slip Fit means fast, press-on Presta valve engagement. The 90 degree bend is designed to work with disc wheels.

01.07.2015 - Lezyne Wins Two Design and Innovation Awards from Enduro Magazine for 2015

Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine has noted two Lezyne products for this year’s Enduro Design and Innovations Awards! Our Port-A-Shop Tool Kit and CNC Travel Drive both received awards.

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11.18.2014 - Lezyne Makes the Cut for RCUK 100 Best Road Cycling Products for 2014-15

The new annual UK-based print magazine and digital download mag RCUK (Road Cycling UK) has selected their 100 best and influential road bikes and products from 2014-15, and included Lezyne in the LED, tools, and pumps categories!

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05.15.2013 - Triathlete Europe magazine April Issue Travel Floor CNC p.118

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10.11.2012 - CNC Travel Drive Review

Lezyne CNC Travel Drive was recently reviewed by BikeRadar.com.

"Lezyne's CNC Travel Drive pump is a strange little creature: it's compact enough to stuff easily into a bike travel case, is more durably constructed than many full-sized floor pumps and, in some instances, works better. It's not ideal as an everyday inflator but if frequent travel is your norm, there's no better way to go."

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