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Classic Floor Drive
Classic Floor Drive
Lezyne Floor Drive Series 2014 - As good as it gets!
The Lezyne Classic Floor Drive is a high pressure floor pump with a steel barrel and piston, a varnished wood handle and an aluminum base and connectors. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and long rubber hose easily reach both Presta and Schrader valves on a stand. The included Speed Chuck makes this pump compatible with disc wheels. The 3.5” oversized gauge is precise and easy to read. The barrel is coated with premium metallic paint for durability and a stylish look.
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1.7kg / 3.75lbs
metallic blackpearl white
160psi | 11bar
15 x 20 x 63.5 cm / 5.9 x 7.9 x 25 in

Aluminum Construction CNC Machined ABS (Air Bleed System) Threaded Connection Slip Fit Wood
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum, a strong, light weight and durable material, is used to make various precision pump components.
CNC Machined
CNC machining creates parts that are precise and durable.
ABS (Air Bleed System)
The patented ABS button releases air pressure in the pump hose, making it easy to remove the Flip-Thread Chuck, eliminating the chance of unthreading Presta valve cores.
Threaded Connection
Lezyne's ABS Flip-Thread Chuck threads directly onto the valve for a secure, air tight connection. It is compatible with Presta, and Schrader valves.
Slip Fit
Slip Fit means fast, press-on Presta valve engagement. The 90 degree bend is designed to work with disc wheels.
Wood is a renewable material that employed in strong and stylish components that develops with time and use.

Velo Mag Reviews Lezyne Micro Floor Drive and Classic Floor Drive

The French cycling magazine, Velo Mag, had some kind words about our Micro Floor Drives and Classic Floor Drive.

Lezyne Classic Floor Drive – "With its reversible tip adjusting to two types of valves, piston body and its steel and aluminum base, this pump is indestructible. Not to mention its sleek look, surmounted on it is a beautiful wood handle."

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