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Flow Cage HP
Flow Cage HP
Flow Cage HP
The Lezyne Flow Cage HP is constructed of durable, fiber reinforced Composite Matrix material for high strength, and low weight. The X-Grip architecture and dual upper bottle catches hold the bottle securely over rough terrain. The wide opening on the front allows for easy on the bike bottle access. An integrated low profile pump bracket is molded directly into the cage body. The included Velcro strap securely holds a Lezyne HP pump in place. The dual color artwork makes this cage sleek and stylish.
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Composite Matrix Integrated Bracket X-Grip
Composite Matrix
Composite Matrix is a high-strength, fiber reinforced material used in durable components.
Integrated Bracket
Low-profile pump mount, integrated into the cage shape. This reduces parts and saves weight while maintaining an elegant design.
X-shaped cage architecture, combined with dual, upper-bottle catches, provide 360 degrees of grip, ensuring bottles stay in place.

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Lezyne Flow Bottle Cage - £7.99..... A good-value plastic cage that is a tenacious bottle holder

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