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Lezyne Control Drive - The Ultimate CO2 Inflator
A compact, 100% CNC machined aluminum CO2 inflator. The Control Drive twist operation allows for easy and precise inflation. The Control Drive head slips directly onto Presta and Schrader valves and puts the rider into complete control over how much CO2 they discharge at a time. It is compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges only and comes with an anti-freeze jacket to protect hands during inflation.
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Aluminum Constrution CNC Machined Slip Fit Control Valve
Aluminum Construction
Aluminum, a strong, light weight, and durable material, is used to make various precision CO2 inflator components.
CNC Machined
CNC machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction.
Slip Fit
Presta only head slips over valve for fast engagement and inflation.
Control Valve
Twist on/off valve operation function that provides the user complete and easy control over how much CO2 they discharge at a time.

11.17.2014 - Reviews the Lezyne Control Drive CO2 Inflator

"Lezyne's new Control Drive CO2 Inflator makes it really easy to get any Presta or Schrader inner tube fully inflated. It provides easy control of the flow of gas and has a jacket to protect your hands from freezing to the canister during use.""

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