How do I turn on my Lezyne GPS device?
Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds (top-left button on Power and Super, and left button on Mini).
How do I start a ride?
Press the start button on the lower right side to begin recording a ride.
How do I end a ride?
Press and hold the lap button for 2 seconds to stop a ride. Then, follow the command prompts on the screen and use the up and down buttons on the right side to pause or stop the ride, then to save or discard the ride.
My GPS device is plugged in and charging, buy why is it not showing up on my computer?
If you are not using the supplied Lezyne USB cable then the cable being used may not be a power and data transfer USB cable. Use another USB cable that is capable of doing both power and data transfer.
Do the GPS devices have mapping or navigation?
No maps or directions are displayed on the device. Lezyne GPS computers simply record your ride data with a GPS signal and are not meant for navigation.
Are the GPS devices waterproof?
All the GPS devices are tested to the IPX7 standard for waterproofness so they can handle extremely wet days on the bike.
How durable is a GPS device?
All Lezyne products are 1-meter drop and durability tested to insure proper function during extreme riding conditions or when things go south. But it is still recommended to treat your GPS device with care.
Can the Mini GPS connect to Bluetooth or Ant+?
No, the Mini GPS is does not connect to Bluetooth or any other wireless sensors.
How do I upload my rides to Strava?
There are three ways to upload rides to Strava.
  • On the "Upload" page of our GPS Root website, and with the device plugged into your computer, you can choose to also upload to Strava by following the command prompt. This can also be set to automatically upload new rides.
  • When the device is plugged into your computer, you can upload rides directly to Strava through their website by finding the “Activities” folder on the device and selecting your rides.
  • When viewing the ride summary of a ride that’s already been uploaded to our GPS Root website there is a “Share” feature that allows you to push the ride over to Strava as well as share on Facebook or Twitter.
Can I upload directly from my phone to Strava?
The Power GPS and Super GPS are capable of uploading rides from the device to your phone via the Lezyne GPS Ally app (available for both iOS and Android smartphones). Once the ride is uploaded it can then be pushed to Strava.
Does the GPS device work with other training sites?
Yes, if the sites accept .fit file formats then they can be uploaded to that site.
How accurate is the GPS elevation reading?
The Mini GPS, Power GPS and Super GPS have the latest GPS chip technology (Power and Super use both US and Russian satellites) and advanced GPS programming to consistently read within 5 – 10 meters of a fixed elevation point (results may vary from device to device).
Do the GPS devices have a barometer?
Our GPS devices do not use a barometer. We have the latest GPS chip technology (Power and Super use both US and Russian satellites) and advanced GPS programming to consistently read within 5 – 10 meters of a fixed elevation point. While barometers can boost accuracy, they are weather sensitive and require regular calibration. With the reliability and simplicity of our optimized GPS system we concluded that a barometer wasn’t necessary at this time.
Is the mount compatible with 35mm handlebars?
The standard O-ring mount will work for 35mm handlebars.
How do I update the software on my GPS?
Updates for the GPS software are available at www.lezyne.com or www.lezyne.com/gpsroot in the "support" pull down menu. Also, when you upload ride files to GPS Root it will automatically know if there is a software update available for your GPS device.
If I start riding before a GPS signal is acquired, will it track my ride?
You must wait for a GPS signal to be acquired in order for all ride data to be recorded correctly.
How do I hard reset my Lezyne GPS?
Press and hold the power button and menu button at the same time for about 30 seconds until the screen goes blank. Then press the power button for 2 seconds to turn the device back on.
Can I charge my GPS with an external battery pack while it is recording?
No, the device cannot record a ride and charge at the same time.
Will my GPS work under thick tree cover?
Yes, but it can affect signal strength and will vary depending on the tree density. To improve this, we use a highly sensitive GPS chip and optimized the recording to maintain a connection in low signal areas.
How do I know if my power meter is compatible with Lezyne GPS?
The Power GPS can pair with Bluetooth Smart power meters, and the Super GPS can pair with Bluetooth Smart or Ant+ power meters.
Will your GPS work with my current cadence sensor or heart rate monitor?
The Power GPS will pair with Bluetooth Smart sensors and monitors, and the Super GPS will pair with Bluetooth and Ant+ sensors and monitors.
I’m paired with an external speed sensor, but why is my speed not accurate?
The wheel size calculation may not be set to the correct size of your wheel. This can be corrected in the menu settings.
How do I pair my power meter to my GPS?
In the GPS device’s menu, select BTLE or ANT+ and select Enable All. Then scroll to Power and select Enable to start the pairing with available devices. Each power meter may have a specific way to start the pairing function, so you'll need to follow the manufacturers instructions on how to enable the power meter.
Why doesn’t my GPS device automatically update the time zone when I travel?
This feature may not always be accurate since time zone boundaries can change. However, we may include this in the future. Furthermore, even if the time zone on the GPS device isn’t correct, our GPS Root website will automatically update it in your ride summary once it’s uploaded.
What is GPS and how does it work?
It’s an incredibly complex technology that only our in-house computer engineer can understand. Unfortunately it’s impossible for him to explain, but he did mention that it involves a lot of “magic and hamsters.”
Is the Lezyne GPS mount the same as Garmin’s mount?
No—while similar in looks, it’s an overall better mounting system. It features our “X-Lock” design, which is a much more secure connection. The GPS devise is inserted at a 45-degree angle and then pressed down and twisted until it “locks” into place. Rigorous testing has proven it to be a superior and safer mount. It’s also unique in that it can’t be mounted sideways—no matter what position the mount is in, the computer can always be mounted forward.
Can weather affect the GPS signal?
Dense clouds are known to degrade the GPS signal on any GPS device. However, we have the latest GPS chip technology (Power and Super use both US and Russian satellites) and advanced GPS programming to help maintain the best possible connection.
If I have a cadence, speed and hear rate sensor paired with my Lezyne GPS and record a ride on a stationary trainer, will the GPS Root website still display my ride data even though I haven’t moved?
Yes it will show the data that it recorded on our website. There will obviously be no route on the map, or elevation profile, but you will still be able to analyze the rest of your ride metrics that were recorded from your external devices.
Can I take my Lezyne GPS device apart and modify it to give me faster times on Strava?
This might be possible, but it'll void your warranty. Furthermore, USADA and WADA have created a "Digital Doping" division that will perform random testing on cycling computers to check for any illicit device "enhancement."
Will the Mini GPS survive being eaten by a domestic animal?
Due to legal reasons we were not able to verify the Mini GPS’s digestion resistance (DR) with domestic animals. However, one of our engineers has volunteered to ingest one for testing purposes. We are still waiting for the final test results before we can give the Mini GPS a “passing” DR inspection.
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