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Yannick Granieri Commencal - Superteam

Yannick Granieri

Yannick is one of the best French dirt jumpers to come along in a long time. He hails from Lyon, France and has bikes in his blood. His grandfather started the Follis bike brand in 1903, and so Yannick was surrounded by the bicycle world at a very early age. He started out doing XC riding but quickly transitioned to BMX and freestyle dirt jumping. Career highlights include 3rd at 2011 Whitestyle, and 4th overall at the 2010 FMBO World Tour - the best ranked European at the event!

Yannick is the latest addition to the Lezyne Ambassadors and rides with Lezyne hand pumps, floor pumps, tools, and tire repair. He rides for Commencal and is a member of their Superteam.

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