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Gabriela Williams

Gabriela Williams

I started riding bikes when I was 23 years old, first I start riding XC and after sometime I got a DH bike. I didn't really like DH as much so I was just riding it once in awhile! I was more like that girl her boyfriend makes her to ride :-) However, with sometime it changed and I started to be the one who wanted to go ride all the some jumps and race the World Cups! Now I love riding and racing my bike whether it is XC, Enduro or Downhill! I couldn't imagine my life without bicycles and the people I hang out with! I love the life style bicycling has given me, because I am able to enjoy it all over the world. Travel for races is a dream come true. I wouldn't be able to accomplish it without the generosity of sponsors like Lezyne. I made a special relationship and I have to say I absolutely love their products and the passion they put into their design. I love doing night rides and their mega drive light is just top-knotch...the battery life and visibility are incredible. However, I will have to say my favorite are their pumps and the tire patches, I get flat tires all the time and with their tools I am back on my bike immediately, due to their functionality and ease of use. Thank you to Lezyne for all the help and for always believing in me!

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