Angie Hohenwarter

I started riding my bike at the age of 9. First I competed in XC racing, but then it got too boring for me. So, I switched to downhill racing in 2004, and added Four Cross in 2006. For two years now, I've been really living my dream of riding my bike around the world on different bikes, do more Free riding and less racing, photo shoots for sponsors, magazines, camps with ladies/youths, videos... so now it is never boring. Mountain biking is a passion for me, there are no words to describe it, it's simply there. For the upcoming years, I want to stay healthy, ride my bike all over the world, share my passion with others, plan some big Projects and just have fun. I'm stoked to be with LEZYNE now. LEZYNE always was such a eye catcher for me. I love the simple and strong design, function of the products and I can't imagine a better partner to take with me on my travels because I'm 100% prepared now for every situation. Thanks guys! I'm really looking forward to an awesome time on the team.
Angie Hohenwarters Asiaventure
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